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Forming an offshore company in the UAE is easy since only a certificate of incorporation is issued, and operating licenses aren’t required. However, knowing the rules and procedures for offshore company registration is still essential.  

DUBIZ provides the fastest and safest solution for offshore company setup UAE. Just contact us, and we’ll handle the process for you! 

What is an offshore company in UAE?

An offshore company in the UAE is a legal business entity formed outside the owner’s home country. Typically, it is created to take advantage of the various benefits that the UAE provides, such as financial confidentiality, tax efficiency, and a secure legal framework. 

What are the various types of Offshore companies in the UAE?

In Dubai, there are three main types of offshore companies: 

Jebel Ali Offshore Company: Registered in the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), it follows the JAFZA Offshore Companies Regulations. 

Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC) Offshore Company: A widely chosen option for offshore company formation in the UAE, known for its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. 

Ajman Offshore Company: It is established in the Ajman Free Zone and adheres to the Ajman Offshore Companies Regulations. 

Benefits of Offshore Company Setup UAE

Global market expansion

Setting up an offshore company in the UAE is a cost-effective method to broaden your global business reach. With a Dubai offshore company, you can establish a presence without needing an expensive physical infrastructure, potentially exposing your business to new international partnerships and deal opportunities. 

Tax Benefits

By establishing an offshore company in the UAE, you can benefit from exemptions on various taxes, including income tax, sales tax, inheritance tax, property tax, and personal tax. The UAE has entered double taxation treaties with several countries, allowing businesses to avoid “double taxation” when engaging in international business from the UAE. 

Straightforward procedures

Establishing an offshore company is a hassle-free process that requires minimal administrative work. Offshore companies benefit from reduced tax rates and are exempt from annual auditing, enabling them to submit unaudited financial statements. 

Access to global funding

UAE’s strategic location, modern infrastructure, and favourable business environment make it an attractive hub for international investments. UAE entrepreneurs and businesses can tap into diverse global funding sources, including international investors, venture capital, and financial institutions. 

Political Stability

The UAE has stable political environment provides a secure environment for businesses and residents. This stability attracts investors and companies, fostering confidence in the UAE as a reliable and secure location for various economic activities.  

Steps to Offshore Company Setup UAE

Select Business Structure

Choose the most appropriate business structure for your Offshore company.

Select a trade name

Choose a suitable and distinctive trade name for your business as per the UAE naming conventions. 

Submit the documents

You must prepare and submit the necessary documents, such as the Memorandum and Articles of Association, proof of identity, and address to establish an offshore company. 

Open a corporate offshore bank account

To open an offshore bank account, you will need the following documents: 

  • Director’s registration 
  • Incorporation certificate 
  • Financial statement 
  • Proof of registered address 
  • Shareholder certificate 

Begin your offshore journey with DUBIZ!

Selecting the right service provider is essential for successfully forming a Dubai offshore company. Collaborating with DUBIZ gives you the advantage of experienced professionals, a range of services, quick responsiveness, and clear transparency throughout the process. 

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