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Are you planning to start a business in the UAE? Look no further! DUBIZ can simplify the process for you by acting as your PRO services company in UAE. Let DUBIZ help you achieve your business goals in the UAE. 

Our expert team offers comprehensive PRO services, including company formation, licensing, and other PR-related tasks in Mainland and Free Zones. Trust us to take care of all your business needs so you can focus on the growth of your business. 

What are PRO Services in UAE?

The role of a Public Relations Officer (PRO) is to oversee the necessary paperwork and clearance services required to initiate a business in the UAE. They provide expert guidance on the legal actions mandated by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and offer support with license renewals, visas, labour agreements, and immigration needs.  

Importance of PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Handling Governmental and Legal Requirements

One of the key responsibilities of a PRO service company in the UAE is to monitor and maintain the company’s registration, licensing, permits, and payments. The aim is to ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements set by judicial systems, legal structures, and government agencies. In addition to this, we represent the company before local authorities to obtain business licenses and renew permits. 

Add Your Heading Text Fulfilling requirements of the Immigration and Labor Department

Outsourcing PRO services will help you obtain a work permit, employment visa, labour card, labour contract, entry permit, and resident visa. 

Establishing government Connections

PRO services can help maintain a positive working relationship with local and federal government offices. They stay updated with government policies and procedures by keeping track of ministerial directives and submitting reports to the appropriate departments. 

Comprehensive Pro Services offered by DUBIZ

Dubiz’s PRO Services encompass many solutions, each designed to address specific aspects of government-related procedures. We offer: 

Approvals from government agencies

This involves obtaining necessary permissions and clearances from various government departments, ensuring compliance with regulations, and getting the green light to proceed with business operations. 

Approval of Trade name

Before officially registering a business, getting approval for the chosen trade name is essential to ensure that it is unique and complies with local regulations. 

Court Agreement letter / Notary

Drafting and notarising agreements or contracts may be required for legal purposes. It ensures that business agreements are recognised and enforceable by law. 

Typing LLC contract (Arabic and English)

Creating the Limited Liability Company (LLC) contract is a crucial step in formalising the structure of the business. Depending on local language requirements, the contract may need to be prepared in Arabic and English. 

Embassy paperwork

Some businesses may require interactions with embassies for specific approvals, certifications, or to address any international aspects of the company. 

Civil defence paperwork

Adherence to civil defence regulations is essential for ensuring the safety and security of the business premises. This paperwork involves obtaining approvals related to fire safety and emergency preparedness. 

Municipality paperwork

Municipal approvals are necessary for the business to operate within a specific locality. This may involve zoning regulations, building permits, and other municipal requirements. 

Labour department paperwork

Obtaining approvals from the labour department involves ensuring adherence to labour laws, employment contracts, and worker rights. 

Immigration department paperwork

This includes obtaining necessary approvals and permits for the immigration of employees or the business owner, ensuring compliance with immigration laws. 

Certificate attestation

Certificate attestation is crucial in validating the authenticity of essential documents, including educational and legal certificates. This process is necessary for the recognition of these documents on an international level. 

Labour card and immigration card renewal

Ensuring that the necessary employee and business owner documents like labour and immigration cards are renewed promptly to maintain legal compliance. 

Why Choose Dubiz's PRO Services?

If you’re searching for a reliable and efficient company to assist you with PRO services in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. When you choose PRO Services from Dubiz, you can be assured of partnering with a committed and reliable team that values excellence and efficiency. Dubiz is dedicated to ensuring your business’s success through comprehensive, cost-effective, and time-saving PRO solutions, making us the ideal partner. 

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