Free Zone Business Setup

Your Comprehensive Guide with Dubiz

Free-trade zones (FTZs) are special economic zones within the UAE, offering unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurs and international businesses. A free zone business setup provides several advantages, including complete corporate ownership, no currency restrictions, tax-free reforms, and much more.  

Benefits of Business Setup in UAE Free Zones

Setting up your business in UAE Free Zones offers several key advantages:

Strategic Locations

Many free zones are situated close to essential ports, airports, and transit hubs to promote effective logistics and international trade. 

Custom benefits

Reduced import and export tariffs and simplified customs processes increase the effectiveness and affordability of international trade within Free Zones. 

Specialised Sectors

Many Free zones are tailored to specific industries, providing infrastructure and services to support technology, healthcare, media, and finance businesses. 

Full profit repatriation

Companies operating in free zones can repatriate all their profits to their home country, allowing them to transfer 100% of their capital back to their country of origin without any requirements. 

Modern Infrastructure

The UAE is renowned for its spectacular and modern infrastructure. A key component contributing to this reputation is the establishment of free zones, which serve as hubs for innovation and economic growth. These zones provide access to advanced infrastructure, warehouses, and modern office spaces. 

Free Zone Company Formation Process

Overview of business setup in UAE Free Zones: 

  • Determine the legal structure of your company. 
  • Select a Trade Name. 
  • Submit the necessary documents. 
  • Secure a Workspace. 
  • Register your company. 
  • Obtain Initial approvals. 
  • Acquire your Free Zone license.

Required Documents for Business Setup in UAE Free Zones

  • Trade name list  
  • A list of Business Activities 
  • A copy of the shareholders’ passport 
  • Visa page or entry stamp 
  • A passport-sized photo taken according to UAE guidelines (size, backdrop colour, etc.) 
  • Attested copies of the registration certificate, incorporation and the Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA) 

Dubiz: Your Partner in Free Zone Business Setup

  • Our team’s deep understanding of free zone regulations simplifies the setup process. 
  • Comprehensive support in selecting the correct free zone and business model. 
  • Assistance with obtaining the necessary licenses and ensuring compliance with free zone regulations.  
  • Transparent pricing without any hidden costs.  
  • DUBIZ offers a range of services designed to address the specific needs of businesses operating in the UAE. 

Launch your business with Dubiz!

A Free zone business setup opens possibilities for growth and innovation in one of the most vibrant business ecosystems. With Dubiz, you gain a partner committed to your success, offering expert advice and support every step of the way.  

Book a free consultation with our experts to learn more about business setup in UAE Free Zones.

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