Mainland Business Setup

The Ultimate Guide with Dubiz​

Establishing a company on the Dubai Mainland enables businesses and entrepreneurs to benefit from the dynamic business environment in Dubai. By partnering with Dubiz, you can access Dubai’s strategic location, stable economy, and business-friendly policies. Your company’s success depends on comprehending the advantages and complexities of business setup in Dubai’s mainland.  

What Makes a Mainland Business Setup the Right Choice?​

Setting up your business on the mainland through Dubiz offers numerous benefits: 

Strategic location​

Situated at the intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Dubai facilitates connections to vital global business markets. This strategic location makes Dubai a gateway to both the continents of Africa and Asia. 

Diverse and thriving economy​

Dubai’s diverse economy, including finance, real estate, tourism, and renewable energy, offers entrepreneurs ample opportunities across various industries. 

Business-friendly policies

Dubai’s business-friendly policies have simplified company registration, licensing, and permit procedures. 

Flexibility and freedom to trade across UAE

Establishing a company in Dubai mainland allows you to trade within and outside the UAE. This gives business owners the opportunity to expand their business in Dubai as well as across the UAE. 

Political stability

The UAE’s economic development can be attributed to its political stability. Since its formation, the UAE has operated as a constitutional monarch and has successfully preserved its status quo. This politically stable environment within the UAE promotes business expansion and growth. 

Mainland Company Formation Process

Overview of business setup in Dubai mainland with Dubiz: 

  • Determine business activity. 
  • Choose the legal structure of your company. 
  • Select a tradename for your business. 
  • Submit the necessary documents. 
  • Acquiring initial approvals. 
  • Choose the ideal location for your business. 
  • Acquiring a Mainland license. 

UAE Mainland Business Setup with Dubiz!

Specialising in mainland business setup, Dubiz offers services customised to meet your needs and requirements: 

  • Incorporation Guidance: Expert advice on choosing your company’s legal structure.  
  • Licensing and Registration: Assistance with all aspects of business licensing and ensuring compliance.  
  • PRO and Government Liaison Services:  Our experts will manage all your documentation and government interaction needs. 

DUBIZ As Your Company Formation Specialist!

  • Highly Experienced business advisors who will simplify business setup in Dubai mainland.  
  • Guaranteed transparency and guidance for the betterment of the clients. Our clients are not merely customers but members of the DUBIZ family. 
  • DUBIZ holds more than 98% accuracy in understanding their client’s needs. 
  • Delivering the services as assured. 
  • DUBIZ offers a range of accounting services designed to address the specific needs of businesses operating in the UAE. 
  • Established more than 15,00 businesses with 95% client satisfaction. 

Start your entrepreneurial journey with DUBIZ!

Starting your entrepreneurial journey with DUBIZ sets the stage for success. With DUBIZ as your partner, you can access expertise and resources to support your business. From company formation and registration to strategic planning, DUBIZ offers comprehensive solutions to guide you through every step of the process.  

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Strategic Advantages

Setting up your business on the mainland through Dubiz offers numerous benefits: 

  • Access to a Diverse Market: Leverage the multicultural environment to access a broad consumer base. 
  • Unrestricted Trade: Businesses can trade directly with local and international markets without the need for local distributors. 
  • Operational Flexibility: There are no restrictions on operational locations within the country or on the number of visas that can be issued. 

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